E Verify Arizona

My daughter tries to get a part-time job at the University of the State that she attended full time year-round increased more or less. She showed them your U.S. passport, given your social security number and fill it with all the necessary documents. Now, they say that it can not continue to commit to the work, unless it's actually see or can make a copy of your social security card. Well, I can find it. Request a new card will take a few weeks and on-campus jobs can not wait to complete your card arriving. A potential employer has the right to see your actual card? It has a permit valid driving and passport and who knows that your SS #-does not has the actual card in hand. I want to just do the job and not 'make waves '. What to do?Thanks in advance for any ideas/advice. I deal with this in my work and I do not need more than a new car have your Passport. and I have never met a requiring work that shows a social security card to be hired. 50 000 + people. This is not the first time that this issue has had to climb. Perhaps consider the first accused, AuntAgonist is the problem? My daughter gave her SS # incorrectly? Although we will do. the FAFSA and school loans. the school has your good SS #. Like I said, he wants to just do the work and not make waves. tell your potential employer to go to E-Verify (duh!) "does not pave the way so" in a new relationship of friendship/employers and workers. and is not required to run a number of social sure if she provided a Passport e - verify. I am at e verify arizona a loss as to what would like to see it before you can even hire him. I do not think that the question should be making waves. 1 passportorProvide to the United States at least two of them: drivers LicenseSSN cardCertified bith certificateThere are a couple of other forms under the provide at least two categories as is (especially if you are a foreigner with a work visa) but it is the most common combination. If you have a passport, it has provided the required documentation, there is no need to give them once again. And, - 9 requirements State may specifically does not indicate required preferences in the combination that you want to display. It is strictly the responsibility of the supplier to provide the documents without pressure to certain documents. .